Code Item Size
SCARR1075 M10x75 carriage/coach bolt M10x75
SCARR10100 M10x100 carriage/coach bolt M10x100
SCARR10130 M10x130 carriage/coach bolt M10x130
SCARR10150 M10x150 carriage/coach bolt M10x150
SCARR10180 M10x180 carriage/coach bolt M10x180
SCARR10200 M10x200 carriage/coach bolt M10x200
SCARR10220 M10x220 carriage/coach bolt M10x220
SCARR1275 M12x75 carriage/coach bolt M12x75
SCARR12100 M12x100 carriage/coach bolt M12x100
SCARR12130 M12x130 carriage/coach bolt M12x130
SCARR12150 M12x150 carriage/coach bolt M12x150
SCARR12180 M12x180 carriage/coach bolt M12x180
SCARR12200 M12x200 carriage/coach bolt M12x200
SCARR12220 M12x220 carriage/coach bolt M12x220
SSWAS 50mm square plate washers 50mm
STIMCONN 50mm timber connectors 50mm
SSTUD6 6mm studding 1000mm 6mm
SSTUD7 8mm studding 1000mm 8mm
SSTUD8 10mm studding 1000mm 10mm
SSTUD9 12mm studding 1000mm 12mm
SNUT6 6mm nuts and washers (10) 6mm
SNUT7 8mm nuts and washers (10) 8mm
SNUT8 10mm nuts and washers (10) 10mm
SNUT9 12mm nuts and washers (10) 12mm
S660HAMM 6x60 hammer fixing per pack 6x60
S880HAMM 8x80 hammer fixing per pack 8x80
S8100HAMM 8x100 hammer fixing per pack 8x100
S8120HAMM 8x120 hammer fixing per pack 8x120
S10100FFIX 10x100 frame fixing per pack 10x100
S10140FFIX 10x140 frame fixing per pack 10x140
SPLUGR red rawlplugs (100)  
SPLUGB brown rawlplugs (100)  
SPAS51G 51mm ring galv 3300 (for Paslode) 51mm
SPAS63G 63mm ring galv 2200 (for Paslode) 63mm
SPAS90G 90mm ring galv 2200 (for Paslode) 90mm
SPAS51B 51mm st bright 3300 (for Paslode) 51mm
SPAS63B 63mm st bright 2200 (for Paslode) 63mm
SPAS90B 90mm st bright 2200 (for Paslode) 90mm
SNAIL80 80mm gyproc nailable plugs 100 80mm
SNAIL110 110mm gyproc nailable plugs 101 110mm